Training Administrator

Employment Status

Level of Experience

Salary Range

Full Time

Entry Level

2.500K - 3.500K

About the Company

PT SMLONE INDONESIA is a professional training company that focuses on developing Skills & Manners in one's Life. We always believe, in order to achieve great things in life, one should have great skills and good characters in making a difference in society.

We are looking for individuals that has the same values & mission, in bringing about necessary change in our environment and be the initiator for something better for the people around us. To date, we have impacted more than 10.000 people throughout the years of our service, and we are looking forward to make a difference in the life of millions to come. If you are a passionate person in creating this change and be a part to serve a greater community, we would welcome you to our big family.

About the Role:

  1. Handling Academic Scheduling & Coordinating Trainer's Schedule.

  2. Making weekly reports on students' activities & attendance.

  3. Running events for enrichment programs

  4. Coordinating & interacting with clients, parents, and students for necessary operations.

  5. Documenting & organizing training operations.