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3 Tips in Public Speaking (English)

Speaking in public, is one thing most people are afraid of. Not to mention on the nervousness only, the preparation sometimes takes a lot of time and energy!

Eventually, standing on the stage might makes our feet trembling, and our mind lost in thoughts.

Do not worry! There are actually something you can prepare before hand and during the speaking time. What are they ?

1. Find Your Voice Public speaking success begins with making an emotional connection with the audience, so start by talking directly to them (not your notes - we never suggest taking notes since it will throw away the audience's attention). And if you slip up on a word? Don’t apologize or get too caught up in it. Nobody will even notice, so move on quickly.

YES ! This is the part of the biggest secret when you're coming on the stage.

Be YOU, and give your BEST! 2. Craft a Clear Message The goal of a great speech is to communicate a message successfully. You can do this in many different ways. Still, it all starts with research, a focused understanding of your topic, and solid storytelling.

The bonus of being so well-prepared? More self-confidence leads to better eye contact, more robust delivery, and a killer speech or presentation.

You want to have an impactful and memorable presentation to your audience right ?

Now this is another secret for you! 3. Change up the Channel Last but not least, present a stunning speech by filling them up with a little bit a joke or humor or even a small story along the side to keep the audience attention alive.

Why ? Because a laughter cracked by the joke might melt the tense between you and your audience. And that is why, we also suggest you to have several jokes on your notes to be used at the right moment.

May your speaking time always goes well ! :)

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How if I tell you that there is a way to learn Public Speaking easier, and in a fun way with a professional Coach ?

- DC

Communication Coach & Trainer

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