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Instagram : @lisazhang88

Credentials & Education Background

  • Certified Entreprenurship & Business Coach by Transformation Academy Florida USA

  • Distinguish Toastmasters by Toastmasters International

  • Certified Training Expert® by International Orator Society

  • Magister Management in STIE Bisnis Indonesia, Jakarta

  • Life Skills Training in Nature Loving Wonderland, Taiwan

Organizational Experiences

  • Coordinator Of Traning And Development Of Temple Youth Organization North Sumatra

  • Coordinator Of Master Of Ceremony In Mapanbumi Korwil Iv - Indonesia

  • Area Director Of D87 Toastmasters International

  • Club President Of Toastmasters International


  • Smartwoman in Koran Tribun Medan

  • Author “Pengusaha Sukses Check” dan “Sebuah Rasa”

  • Longrich International Distributor Awards Achievers To Several Countries In South East Asia.

  • Leadership Awards In Leading International Organization.

  • Award Winners Of Speech And Evaluation Contest In Various Club And Area Level Competition

  • Professional Master Of Ceremony In Various Local, National And International Event.

Area Or Topic Of Interest & Expertise

  • Public Speaking And Communication Business Motivation

  • Life Skills

  • Personality Development

  • Sales And Marketing Industri

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