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Zero to Confident in 7 Days: Public Speaking (1/7)

How can I become confident in Public Speaking? Are there any shortcuts to become confident? What if I tell you that there are strategies you can do to be confident in Public Speaking in just 7 days, are you ready to take up the challenge?

In order to become confident in Public Speaking in 7 days, there are several things you must do and must not skip, to achieve the best result, here are those steps:

Day 1: The First Step Is Always The Hardest

In all of my 7 plus years of experiences in coaching & training people (not just public speaking), there is one key differentiator that sets apart a participants with highest result, with those who seemed to be getting nowhere. The key differentiator is COMMITMENT. Getting committed to practice, to take action, and to grind through the toughest phase is the key element of success in acquiring this skill.

Therefore, if you would like to be successful in acquiring this skill, having a commitment is a must. Usually the best strategy that works is to dig deep into your motivation in learning this skill. I would recommend you, on your first day, to really contemplate on your innermost motivation. Get to discover more of your innermost motivation by asking yourself these few questions:

  1. Do I Need or Do I Want Public Speaking?

  2. What do I gain if I master Public Speaking?

  3. What do I have to sacrifice if I were to master Public Speaking?

  4. What do I lose if I don't master Public Speaking?

  5. What do I get if I don't master Public Speaking?

The answer to the first question would be crucial, if your answer is want, your motivation still can change therefore your commitment would not be as strong. If your answer is NEED, you have higher chance to persevere through the process.

The answer to the second question is about the benefit of mastering this skill. If you are able to write down 10, 15, 20 benefits that YOU will get (not just cliché answer) you are more likely to succeed.

The answer to the third question is about what do you need to let go to get this new skill, for example, I need to set aside 3 hours every night to go through steps & to practice. This kind of questioning would prompt you to realize the opportunity cost you lost in acquiring this new skill. If the benefit (in second question) outweighs the loses (in third question) you would be more committed.

The fourth question is probing you to think about the situation if you stays the same (not mastering Public Speaking), what will be your loses. Could it be the loss of opportunity? Economic losses of failing to close a DEAL? Think about this answer carefully, because this would make you realize the implication if you do not take action now.

The fifth question is about realizing the fourth dimension in making a decision/ commitment. People often forget, that sometimes, taking no action could have its own benefits too. Try to answer yourself, and see if you can list down how many things that you will gain by not mastering this skill. If you can have a great list of the benefits of NOT mastering Public Speaking, probably learning public speaking is not your priority now. Come back when you are ready.

With these questions answered, you would be clear by now, your level of commitment. If you have higher level of commitment now, then you can proceed to the second day.


Professional Coach & Trainer

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