Arlylinn Wijaya
SMP Methodist - 3, Medan

Since i've Joined Orator Society Youth class, i have been more confident in my public speaking skills.

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Saya ikut Training SMLONE sangat beruntung. Karena sangat mendukung pekerjaan saya, dimana  saya harus berdiri didepan orang banyak, saya harus berkomunikasi dengan orang banyak tanpa harus membuat mereka berpikir ada jarak diantara Kami dan tertarik dengan apa yang mau saya sampaikan kepada mereka. Di SMLONE saya diajarkan bagaimana semua itu bisa saya package menjadi satu, sehingga lawan bicara saya juga merasa nyaman dengan apa yang saya sampaikan. Dulu saya tidak berani untuk berbicara didepan, teman-teman harus berani harus coba program SMLONE. Harus bisa berani keluar dari Comfort Zone.    

Senior Area Manager Sunlife Cimb Niaga

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Melvina Katherine Callista
SMA Charles Wesley Methodist

I enjoy going to class every saturday. It is very fun because the friends here are very nice. The class is very useful and i can definitely see my improvements after half year of studying here.

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Queen Rania Arthadiguna
SD Nakamura School

Since I join SMLONE I learn many things: About how to make a speech, being more confident and disciplined, how to be a good friend in society, also fun, satisfying, and exciting. Thank you SMLONE.

Callista Vania Yapranata
SD Prime One School

I Learn many things in SMLONE,about how to be confident when we are doing a speech, about how to make friend at the society, always prepared speech before doing a speech, and also SMLONE teach us how to fight our fear. Thank you SMLONE.

Ivaldo Juanda
SD Bangun Insan Mandiri

SMLONE is very great place to learn, I like to go to SMLONE because SMLONE teach us many things, about how to be a MC, how to be a speaker, how to choose a topic and many more.

Jayden Cekoindra
SD Bangun Insan Mandiri

Before i got into this orator society, I was so nervous and i was always not confident. When i entered this orator society, now i am always confident and now i always join every completition.

SMA Prime One School

Before i joined SMLONE Orator Society, i would have a hard time speaking in front of people. I'd forget what i wanted to say. Now, i can speak longer in front of people and speak what i want to say fluently.