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Winner Award

Most Active Trainee
Most Supportive Trainee
MOST Supportive.png
Most Inspirational Trainee
MOST Inspirational Student.png
Most Initiative Trainee
Most Creative Trainee
MOST creative.png
Most Improved Trainee
MOST Improved.png
Most Discipline Trainee
Most Discipline trainee.png
Most Favourite Trainee
Most Favourite Trainee.png
SMLONE Skill Awards
SMLONE Skill Award.png
SMLONE Manner Awards
SMLONE Manner Award.png
Most Initiative trainee.png
SMLONE Life Awards
SMLONE Life Award.png
Skill, Manner, Life Award
Best House Leader
Best House Leader.png
Top 3 Scorer
Top Trainee Gainer Award2.png
Top Trainee Gainer Award.png
Top Trainee Gainer Award3.png
Top 3 Houses
3Top House Award.png
2Top House Award w.png
1Top House Award w.png
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