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SMLONE AWARD is an award program that is eagerly awaited every year held by SMLONE for Trainees for their achievements during the year.

More than 1.000 Arenas were held in a Year, Hundreds of Trainees from over 40 houses competes in a year long competition, to find the single best house in League of Orators in Orator Society.


Hundreds of Trainees have put in Thousands of hours of hard-works, resilience and constant challenges to deliver the best performances to win in every arena and finally we reach the finished line and now it is the time to award those who have dedicated themselves throughout the year to reach the greater heights, not just for themselves, but also for their members! Now, it is time for all of us to give our utmost appreciation to individuals and houses that made a great difference.


Today, hundreds of nominees have been selected and 15 prestigious categorical awards will be given to 15 champions

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