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Categories Award

  • Most Active Trainee

Trainee that are very active in class, and very participative in events in SMLONE.

  • Most Creative Trainee

Trainee that are often comes out with fresh and out of box ideas.

  • Most Supportive Trainee

Trainee that show the greatest amount of supports to trainers & others.

  • Most Improved Trainee

Trainee that show the most qualitative improvements in a year.

  • Most Inspirational Trainee

Trainee that have achieved one exemplary achievement outside SMLONE

  • Most Discipline Trainee

Trainee that is most prepared before entering class in the past year.

  • Most Initiative Trainee

Trainee that is takes most initiatives in classes to help class to run smoothly.

  • Most Favourite Trainee

Trainee that is the most favourite by committees’ voting.

  • Best House Leader

House leader that show exemplary fortitude and attitude to support their members.

  • SMLONE Skill Awards

Trainee that is most skillful and display wide array of talents in Public Speaking and Communication.

  • SMLONE Manner Awards

Trainee that displays good character, politeness, courtesy and basic manner.

  • SMLONE Life Awards

Trainee that made the greatest commitment & dedication in making life projects.

  • Skill Manner Life Award

Trainee that have generally showed good skills, good manners and application in real life.

  • Top 3 Scorer

Trainee that collected the most gold points

  • Top 3 Houses

House that collectively has the most gold points.

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