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Zero to Confident in 7 Days: Public Speaking (3/7)

On day 2, we have given you the foundation to become confident in public speaking in 7 days. Now in this post we will discuss what you need to do on the third day of your journey to confidence.

On the third day, continuing your research on public speaking would definitely help in your progress. If we are to make a great leap forward, now it is your turn to make your own speech and try to apply whatever you have noted on the lists of good things a speaker can do (from your research). Here are some suggestions to help you make your first speech.

1) Consider who your audiences are?

Always start your preparation by asking who your audience are. This will strongly determine what kind of speech you are writing & performing. You can always define your audiences based on the demography or if you studied marketing before, you may want to use psychography as parameter to know who your audiences are.

What are the parameter for demography of our audience?

  • Age

  • Gender

  • Ethnicity

  • Income

  • Level of education

  • Religion

  • Occupation

  • Family structure

These questions give you a general outlook of your audience. If you are speaking to a younger audience, you might want to look at the recent trends. If you are speaking to a group of young moms, talking about children's health & upbringing will pique their interest for sure. Therefore, know who your audiences are, is crucial to your great speech.

2) What is the purpose of your speech?

Each audience group has their own motivation/ point of interests, aligning your speech topic with your audience's purpose will make a great connection between you and your audience. Make sure that you are able to appeal more towards their purpose. For example, young mother would put more focus on topics such as, how to take care of your young child, or how to manage your time between your career and your kids, or even how to get back into shape after giving a birth, because these topics are in alignment with their motivation/ purpose. If you are able to determine your audience's purpose, then it will be easier for you to make your impactful speech.

3) What do you want them to remember?

After answering the previous two questions, now it is your time to formulate the message of your speech. What will be the message of your speech? This will be the most important point of your speech. If you aren't able to formulate "what do you want them to remember" in a sentence, you are at risk of having an audience that has no clue what is the point of your presentation or speeches. This is not something that you want to happen. Make sure answer this question in a simple sentence.

Practicing these three steps on the third day will transition you to the next phase smoothly. In the next post, we are going to be discussing how to prepare for your draft.

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